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We know your life is complicated. That's why we have information about health and nutrition, money management, food, home concerns, relationships, and many other topics. Our resources can help you whether you are retired, a first-time parent, a teen, or someone in between.

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Caffeine Awareness: Energy Drinks

Did you know March is Caffeine Awareness Month? Learn the facts about energy drinks. More...  More»

Saving Your Tax Refund

UF/IFAS finance expert Dr. Michael Gutter explains how your tax refund can be a great way to start saving.  More»

Reading Aloud to Children

March is National Reading Awareness Month, so there’s no better time to learn the benefits of reading to children. In fact, parents should start reading aloud to children before they’re even born. Reading aloud to children is the best way to prepare them for reading and learning. Review the list below to become familiar with other benefits of reading to children: Helps children learn to read on their own Builds  More»

Spring Cleaning: The Kitchen

It’s that time of year again—spring, and with spring comes cleaning. Oftentimes, the best place to start cleaning in your kitchen. Although your kitchen may look clean, it can harbor harmful bacteria that can cause colds, foodborne illnesses, and more. If you clean your kitchen appliances with a deep clean, however, you can rid your kitchen of bacteria and keep yourself and your food safe. The following are tips on how to clean common  More»

Understanding the Nutrition Label

When you’re on the hunt for healthy foods, do you read the nutrition label? If so, how much of it do you actually take note of? While the label may seem confusing—with its long list of ingredients and breakdown of different fats—learning about the nutrients can help you make healthier food choices. Join in on National Nutrition Month by using the following tips to become more familiar with food nutritional  More»