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We know your life is complicated. That's why we have information about health and nutrition, money management, food, home concerns, relationships, and many other topics. Our resources can help you whether you are retired, a first-time parent, a teen, or someone in between.

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Radon in Your Home

January is National Radon Awareness month. Radon: it sounds like the name of a science fictional villain, but it’s actually a very real threat to your health. Find out what you can do to protect yourself and minimize radon in your home. What is radon? Radon is radioactive gas produced by the breakdown of uranium in rocks and soil. You can’t see it, smell it, or taste it.1 Where is radon  More»

Keeping Family and Pets Safe from Giardia

Giardia is a microscopic parasite that can infect people and pets. It is passed through contact with infected waste or contaminated water. Symptoms of infection include diarrhea, cramps, gas, and nausea and usually show up one to three weeks after ingesting the parasite.1 People most at risk for getting infected are those who drink or swim in contaminated water, diaper-aged children, and those who come in contact with contaminated  More»

Positive Body Image

We’ve all had the experience of seeing an example of an “ideal” body—say, on a magazine cover—and feeling bad, if only for a moment, about our own bodies. Worse, we may get messages from the people around us that our bodies aren’t good enough, which can also damage our confidence. Over time, these experiences can cause one to have a negative body image. Someone with a negative body image may feel “shame, guilt, and anxiety,”  More»

The Difference between Serving and Portion Size

We’re told by nutritionist and dieticians to “watch our portions,” but we’re also told to get enough servings of this or that food group. It can be hard to make sense of both recommendations—we have to get the right number of calories and nutrients, but from the right sources and in the right proportions. The terms “serving” and “portion” can be confusing, too. A portion is the amount of food from a  More»

Making a Budget

The New Year is a great time to take stock of your finances and set goals for the coming year and beyond. No matter your income, making a budget can help you achieve those goals and make you feel more in charge of where your money goes. However, for many people, making a budget can seem like a daunting task. You may feel like you can’t account for everything you spend money on or that staying within your income is hard enough. Using the  More»

What Are Folate and Folic Acid?

This week is National Folic Acid Awareness week, so now is a good time to talk about why folic acid and folate are important to your health. The terms folate and folic acid both refer to a B vitamin used by the body in making new cells.1 This vitamin is called folate when it comes from the food we eat. Folic acid is the man-made form of folate found in vitamin supplements and fortified foods.1 Food high in folate or folic acid include dark,  More»