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Life Jacket Safety

Just because you consider yourself a good swimmer doesn't mean you shouldn't wear a life jacket. Unfortunately, many fatalities happen in Florida every year that could be prevented by correctly wearing a life jacket. Here is some life jacket advice that every swimmer, boater, and water-loving Floridian needs to know. Yes, it's true—even good swimmers need to wear life jackets. If you're a great swimmer you can still be caught off guard if  More»

Pesticide Pet Safety

Pet owners may choose to use pesticides to rid their homes of unwanted pests, but they will want to ensure their pet’s safety when using these chemicals. Pesticides can be absorbed into the animal’s bloodstream through the eyes, nose, and mouth, and cause a variety of health risks. Protect your pets from pesticides by keeping the following information in mind: Store and use pesticides correctly to prevent pets from coming in contact  More»

Hydrating in Hot Environments

Outdoor work—mowing a lawn, painting a driveway, or tilling a garden—is always exhausting, especially when the sun is glaring against you and temperatures are creeping above 90°F. When working outside in the heat, we sweat to cool down, but in turn, we lose water. Since every cell in our body needs water to function, remaining hydrated is essential to staying healthy and cool. Heat-Related Illnesses Dehydration Dehydration happens when  More»

The Stingray Shuffle

During the summer, Florida beaches are littered with locals and tourists seeking sunshine, warm water, and the refreshing breeze. But, beachgoers may forget about the stingrays that also frequent the waters and lie along the sandy shore bottoms. Before plummeting into the water to surf, boogie board, or swim, you need to do the stingray shuffle to prevent a painful sting. Stingrays Florida coastlines attract a wide variety  More»

Sun Safety

The sweltering sun can brighten vacations, but it can also bring two unwanted problems: sunburn and heatstroke. Keep your skin and body healthy by staying hydrated, cool, and covered this summer. Keep Covered Damaging UV rays do not need to cause sunburn to hurt your skin—they can cause damage in only 15 minutes. In fact, the sun doesn't even need to be out for you to be exposed to UV rays. Follow these suggestions for UV  More»


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