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We know your life is complicated. That's why we have information about health and nutrition, money management, food, home concerns, relationships, and many other topics. Our resources can help you whether you are retired, a first-time parent, a teen, or someone in between.

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Buying a House? Know Your FICO Score

[Tweet "April is #FinancialLiteracyMonth. Do you know your FICO score?"] April is Financial Literacy Month Do you know your FICO score? It's good to know where you stand, especially if you're looking to buy a house. A higher score tells lenders that you’re more likely to pay them back. When you ask a bank to lend you money to buy a home, the bank uses your FICO score to decide how much money it’s  More»

What Does Florida 4-H Mean Today?

[Tweet "Over the decades, @Florida4H has been growing #TrueLeaders. Find out what that means in 2016! #ItBeganWithAg"]4-H has been around for over 100 years1—but what does 4-H mean today? Maybe you’ve seen the four-leaf clover patch on a child’s backpack or you’ve heard of 4-H clubs. However, 4-H is more than just a logo or an activity. 4-H is and always has been about “learning by doing”—learning  More»

Spring Cleaning Tips

With winter behind us, many people are getting ready to air out their homes and kick out the dust bunnies and cobwebs. However, the real secret to a clean home isn’t doing one big sweep each year—it’s making cleaning a routine part of home life. Some people get excited at the prospect of cleaning, others…not so much. But like it or not, we all have to keep our living areas clean if we want a healthy home.1 Here are some spring cleaning  More»

What Should You Do with That Tax Refund?

If you’ve already done your taxes, you may be expecting to receive a tax refund in the next few weeks. For many people, a tax refund is money they didn’t expect to have—woohoo! But what should you do with that extra cash? Watch this UF/IFAS Solutions for Your Life video to find out what the experts recommend: Photo by pkstock/iStock/Thinkstock  More»

Formosan Subterranean Termites

Compared to the native subterranean termite, the Formosan subterranean termite (FST) is more destructive.1 UF/IFAS researchers predict Formosan subterranean termites, along with Asian subterranean termites, will become an even greater threat to Florida in the decades to come.2 Like all subterranean termites, FSTs live underground, though they can build colonies above ground as well. Termites from underground colonies attack structures by  More»

Save Money on Taxes

Tax season is almost upon us—do you know how to use exemptions, credits, and deductions to your financial advantage? Find out how you can save money on taxes this year with this UF/IFAS Solutions for Your Life video: Photo by LIgorko/iStock/Thinkstock  More»